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The Best Scented Drawer Liners: 2022 List

Brandon Forder
  Nov 30, 2022 7:31 AM

Why is it so difficult to select the best-smelling drawer liners when there are so many to choose from, including Elodie Essentials and Gersoniel, SCENTORINI and MERRITON to name just a few?

After conducting considerable research, we've compiled this list of the 24 Best Fragrant Drawer Liners and created a buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Based on 42 hours of evaluating dozens of scented drawer liners ranging in price from $11 to $29, we have compiled this list of the finest fragrant drawer liners. Essentials Fragrant Drawer Liner by Elodie ranks first. Make your way through the rest of our list and peruse the buying guide for help if you have any questions!

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Are dresser drawer liners necessary?

Drawer liners help keep the dresser clean. Drawer liners aren't necessary to remove dust from the interior of the drawers. To avoid damaging the dresser, drawer liners make it easier to wipe off the inside of each drawer without scratching the wood.

Similarly, do scented drawer liners work?

Clothing and linens are kept smelling fresh with their help. The smell will either linger or disappear depending on how often you open your drawers, but either way, your laundry will begin to pick up a subtle perfume. Find a scented liner that will not compete with your detergent's aroma.


A total of 79 different scented drawer liners were discovered during the course of our investigation, from which we selected 24 high-quality options. To compile our list of the most aromatic drawer liners, we reviewed 15, 539 consumer reviews culled from our big data engine. Fragrant drawer liners cost an average of $19, according to our research.

The scented drawer liners are for sale. With hundreds of brands in mind, we narrowed it down to just five: Elodie Essentials, Gersoniel SCENTORINI MERRITON Eersida. There have been 132 reviews of the top 1 product, with an average rating of 4.

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