Treat Your Dog To Maximum Enjoyment With BarkBox

BarkBox is committed to providing dogs near and far top-tier toys, all-natural treats, and chewy treats that can withstand the most energetic chewing sessions from our tirelessly energetic furry friends. With a BarkBox subscription service, you and your dog will be able to look forward to a monthly delivery that includes two specialized toys, two bags stuffed to the brim with all-natural treats, and one terribly tasty chew that will send your dog into an appreciative frenzy.

How does BarkBox work?

The first thing to know about BarkBox is that at this point they’ve served over 2 million immensely satisfied dogs. When you sign up for BarkBox, you’re essentially signing up for the monthly delivery of a themed box that includes two toys, two bags of all-natural treats, and one chew that’s been specially designed to stand the test of time. The signup process for BarkBox is also incredibly intuitive. All you have to do is visit BarkBox’s website, hit the subscribe button, provide all of the necessary details about your dog and whether they have any dietary restrictions, and then fill out your payment and shipping details. You should also note that after your first delivery you’ll be provided with the option to strategically tailor future boxes to best complement your dog’s desires. For instance, you can opt for an all-treat or all-toy box if one of those assortments ends up being the best fit for your dog.

Is BarkBox worth it?

With a monthly subscription option that’s priced as low as $23 a month, and that will include two toys, two treats, and one chew, it’s glaringly clear that that is one undeniable deal. At its core, BarkBox is there to help you on your caring quest to make sure that you never leave your home insufficiently supplied with different outlets of healthy entertainment for your dog. You should also note that BarkBox is currently promoting a special deal where if you sign up for a multi-month plan then they’ll provide you with a complimentary memory foam dog bed.

When does BarkBox ship?

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points with BarkBox right off the bat is that you’ll be able to rest assured that your first BarkBox will ship out instantly after you order it. Additionally, BarkBox provides their customers a tracking link that’s sent out in their monthly emails so that everyone can make sure that their BarkBoxes will show up at the intended time.

What are the prices for the different subscription plans?

At $23 a month, you and your dog will be able to enjoy a 12-month subscription. Or, you can opt for the most popular subscription option with BarkBox, which is their 6-month subscription. This comes out to $26 a month. Lastly, the monthly subscription to BarkBox works out to $35 a box. Additionally, through the signup process, you’ll be presented with an option to upgrade to the “Extra Toy Club” to get a third premium toy added to every box, which works out to an extra $7 a month. That’s over 50% off the retail price.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the extra effort to provide your loving dog with all the high-quality toys, treats, and chews that their wonderful hearts could ever desire. With a BarkBox subscription, you can rest easy knowing that you’re completely playing the part of a loving pet owner, and not breaking your bank in the process. On top of that, BarkBox keeps things interesting with its entertaining monthly themes. You might even find yourself inspired to start up an Instagram account for your dog so that you can share their wholesome moments spent enjoying those BarkBoxes with the rest of the world. Grab your first BarkBox today.

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