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Best Lock For Uhaul Truck : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  Oct 5, 2022 2:14 PM

What follows is a comprehensive look at how to secure moving trucks. Selecting a lock without causing incompatibilities is crucial. The quantity of gripes we encountered while compiling this guide is simply staggering. The issue is that individuals frequently believe a lock will work when it won't.

People usually encounter two problems:

Using a shackle that's too thick for the lock you've selected — We found that the locks recommended in the book work well with moving trucks from all the major rental companies, including U-Haul and Penske, and that their shackle diameter is just under 1/2 inches.

Another typical problem mentioned by shoppers who purchased concealed padlocks was that they had chosen a lock with insufficient clearance. While it's true that padlocks with covers increase security, the most common versions of these locks aren't designed to work with the latches found on moving vans. To avoid detection, select a padlock with a disc shape.

The following is a summary of the main features of each lock that we recommend. Read on for our breakdowns of each lock and some helpful hints after the table.

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Keyless Lock

To open a lock of this type, a combination of numbers or other data must be entered rather than a key. This style of lock has come a long way since its days on front doors of houses, bicycle chains, and even today's use on the backs of moving trucks.

This lock's other major perk is that it is nearly tough to pick. In addition to eliminating the requirement for physical keys, the key combination can be distributed across a small group of trusted individuals. With this, they will also be able to use it. On the flip side, some drawbacks include:

What if someone steals the data and then uses it for malicious purposes?

And what happens if the owner loses the combination?

It seems like you've taken precautions against forgetting your number combination by keeping a backup copy in a secure location.


A shackle on this lock allows it to be used through a chain link or other small opening. This measure is being taken to safeguard against any potential acts of damage or theft. If you lose your key and need a replacement, you may easily find one with the identical cut for your padlock. The lock may be used on anything with a closed loop, making it extremely flexible.

On the other hand, thieves are well-aware of the fact that this lock may be picked quickly. Even a padlock can be broken with bolt cutters. Despite the fact that it is not as simple, it will accomplish the set goal.

Disc lock

The disc lock's hasp or u-shape is placed out of reach of a bolt cutter. Starting as the go-to lock for self-storage facilities, this model was soon adopted by moving companies as the standard for their moving vans. This lock is notorious for being resistant to bolt cutters, but it is also notoriously difficult to pick.

Disc locks are difficult to pick and require a lot of practice and patience to open. Furthermore, a unique set of equipment is required. This lock can't be opened by using a hammer on it, making it one of the most secure available.

In order to break a disc lock, a grinder would have to be used, which is something that no thief has. Too much noise and disruption would be caused by the grinder.


Shackles with ball bearings prevent shimmying. As you can see, the ball bearings in the aforementioned padlocks make them quite difficult to pick.


Covering the shackle with a shroud is an extra precaution. This makes it such that any would-be robber who attempted to cut the shackle would have to first cut the shroud.


If the lock can be picked, it is because of the configuration of the pins on the core, which is where the key goes. There should be a lot of pins in a good core, so there are many of different combinations of keys and protection. In the event that you find that your cylinder is not providing you with sufficient security, you can swap it out for a different one.

Weight and Size

A good indication that plates have been added and a high-quality metal alloy may have been used in the manufacture of a lock is if it is heavier and somewhat larger than a standard padlock. Because of this, the lock can't be broken by using brute force. In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, you may also want to think about how much they weigh and how big they are.


What kind of lock does a U-Haul truck use?

As long as it fits, any kind of lock can be used to secure a U-Haul vehicle. A U-Haul truck lock is not required to secure your rental truck.

U-Haul sells security locks for your moving container if you prefer not to use your own.

Security locks like the 80mm WordLock Discus Lock are available from U-Haul. Fitting snugly over the U-Haul truck hasp, it prevents unauthorized access to your rental vehicle in the event you lose the truck's keys.

About two years ago, U-Haul announced that this product was among the best it offered for its trucks.

Does U-Haul give you a lock?

U-Haul does not supply locks, unfortunately. That is to say, you will not receive a locked truck from U-Haul. If you want to secure your vehicle, you'll need to utilize your own lock or purchase a new one.

The local U-Haul location also sells locks in case you forget yours at home. U-Haul stores typically sell locks. If you need a lock for the moving truck you hired from U-Haul, you can get one when you make your reservation.

What are different types of U haul storage locks?

Your U-Haul storage unit can be secured with any standard security lock. U-Haul does, however, offer storage locks for added safety.

The 2-3/4 Discus Security Lock is a top seller among the moving company's storage locks.

This lock is a steel storage lock that can be used for a variety of purposes at home and in U-Haul storage units. This lock is of superior quality and will keep your storage facility safe.

This lock is guaranteed for life, can be used on any Uhaul truck, is laser welded, and comes with two keys.

So you may use it to secure your storage facility and any U-Haul moving vehicle you rent, either right now or in the future.


Think about how much you value your belongings, where you plan to stop and travel, how far you have to go, and what the weather will be like along the way before making a final selection. Stick with an ABUS GRANIT or American Lock for the utmost security and peace of mind on the road.

In addition, be conscious of your whereabouts at all times, but especially when parking your truck for the night. Your moving truck should ideally be parked in a well-lit area that does not provide easy access to the entrance. Selecting hotels with gated parking lots and staffed security stations is another deterrent to car thieves.

Last but not least, if you're only looking for the bare minimum in security, stick to Master Locks or the U-Haul disc lock. If you're worried about picking one of these low-end locks, you may put your mind at ease by upgrading to a higher tier of protection.

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