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Top 16 Best Garage Storage System Hooks In 2023

Brandon Forder
  Dec 7, 2023 9:47 AM

We have an insatiable need to amass antiques and curios. It doesn't matter if it's a comic book, stamp, sticker (or even a collection of back scratchers), we want to keep it with us. Furthermore, where do most of them finally land? Within the confines of our storage facility! However, we use our garage for a lot more than just storing our collections. We keep our bikes, boats, and hardware items in there as well. We store a lot of junk in our garage, so it quickly becomes disorganized. These sturdy garage hooks are perfect for maintaining order.

However, we are not referring to the little hooks often used on pegboard. Overhead garage hooks are what you need. They're sturdier and can support the weight of a mountain bike or a boat. Putting them to use is a fantastic way to make the most of the vertical space in your garage.

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Buying Guide

Garage’s condition

Insulation in the garage is an important factor to consider when selecting the best storage solution for your needs. If your garage has climate control, you can use just about any material for your storage cabinet or crates. Storage in cardboard or fabric boxes is not recommended if your garage is damp.

Before buying a storage solution, take stock of what you already have in your garage. This will make it much easier to sort and categorize your belongings. One of the finest pieces of advice from the experts is to create four heaps when you're ready to declutter: a pile for stuff you want to retain, a pile to give, a pile to throw away, and a pile to sell.

Keep: All of these things serve a purpose and enrich your life. Sorting them into sections for the different seasons, types of equipment, etc. is essential.

Things that haven't been used in a while or are no longer needed can be donated and placed in a donation pile.

Garbage: You can always find some old paperwork, a damaged technological device, and some stray cables that have no other use than the trash. One of the quickest methods to clear a space is to get rid of the trash and recyclables that have accumulated there.

Making some additional cash is as easy as cleaning out your garage. Quick and easy options to get rid of extra stuff include having a yard sale or selling items on the internet using sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and others.

It's time to start cleaning up now. In order to clean the walls, doors, and windows, you will need rubber gloves, a vacuum, and a face mask (if any). The garage floor can be mopped with hot water, laundry detergent, and a clean sweep. Now that the space is clean, it could be the perfect time to perform any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Having done so, you may determine how many boxes, cupboards, and tool chests will be needed to properly outfit the area. To maximize the space's potential, it could be helpful to draft a simple floor plan.

Organizing a garage by classifying its contents can make it much simpler to locate objects when they are needed, while seasonal decorations and other items that aren't used as frequently can be put in clearly marked bins up high.

Weight Capacity

Think about how much you plan to store when selecting a hook for your garage storage system. While some hooks can support larger loads than others, others cannot. It's important to pick a hook strong enough to hold anything you intend to hang on it, especially if it's heavy.


There are three main types of materials used in the production of household storage and organization products: plastic, metal, and wood. There are advantages and disadvantages to using every material, and some uses may be better suited to some materials than others.

Plastic is often the most cost-effective and long-lasting material choice. However, it lacks the tensile strength of metal and can easily crack or break under pressure.

As a result of its durability, metal is often used in construction.

Material Thickness

Hooks for a garage storage system can be purchased in whichever thickness of material is most convenient. The only things you need to think about are the hook's weight limit and whether or not it will work with your current garage storage system.


The size of the garage track system you need will be determined by the dimensions of the garage and the items you plan to put there. Keep in mind that you'll need some extra room if you plan on storing bulky equipment like ladders, bikes, or long hoses.

It's a relief to know that most garage track systems come in lengths between 32 and 48 inches and can often be trimmed to fit a specific space. Even so, it's crucial to make preparations in advance. You may begin with as little as one or two tracks, but as your needs grow, you may find that you would have been better off from the start using something like GearWall's Panel System.

Built-in Accessories

A variety of extras, such as these simple hooks, are often included with every garage track system you purchase. Most of them will seem the same, but some will be more suited to your situation.

Power tools such as impact guns, air sanders, and leaf blowers can all be accommodated by the dual hooks included in most kits. Smaller tools, such as shears and wrenches, can be neatly hung on an L-hook or J-hook.

You can always seek for more attachments if you can't find the specific hook you require (like those mentioned in the previous section). Some are not compatible with others, so it's important to double-check before you buy.


The installation of a garage track system is often a one-person job due to its simplicity. Screws and drywall anchors are typically included in the kit, but as I mentioned previously, you should definitely replace them with something more "industrial," especially if you intend to attach large items, such as the Craftsman cabinet.

It's worth emphasizing that for maximum durability, you should use as many screws as possible in as many studs as possible. This requires the use of a reliable stud finder.

You should also get some hand tools ready, perhaps including an electric drill.


Can I install garage storage systems myself?

The majority of these items are suitable for the do-it-yourselfer, as their assembly or installation is straightforward. You'll need a drill, a screwdriver set, maybe a level and a stud sensor to mount some of them on the wall. If you want your storage system to be truly secure, you need to attach it to studs and not just sheetrock. Storage racks located overhead or otherwise out of reach could need a ladder, too.

What kind of material is best to use in a garage?

Options typically include plastic, metal, or a hybrid. Any substance that survives indoors will also survive in an air-conditioned garage. However, composite materials may deteriorate over time if there is a lot of moisture in the garage. Metal or plastic would be the better choice here. Metal is often more robust and long-lasting, although plastic is cheaper. (A decent dehumidifier is another useful investment that can help alleviate the effects of the humidity.)

What type of pegboard is best?

Metal pegboards are more expensive, but they are worth it because to their strength and longevity. You can hang larger tools on it without worrying about any distortion. Since metal sheets weigh more, they should be attached to the wall using studs. But unlike composite or fiberboard sheets, you won't need to put furring strips underneath them to accommodate hooks. However, composite and plastic sheets are more affordable. You can save money by purchasing 4-by-8-inch white plastic coated fiberboard panels from your neighborhood hardware shop for $30 plus $5 for a set of wall-mounting standoffs (rubber bushings and screws). If installed properly, they can support a lot of weight, though not as much as metal sheets.


Consider purchasing a garage storage system if you want to get your garage in order and make better use of the available space. Although there are various options out there, the hook system consistently ranks among the most sought-after installations. Hook systems are adaptable, allowing you to store anything from bicycles and garden tools to sporting goods and seasonal decorations.

Several factors should be considered before settling on a hook system for your garage. You should first take stock of your storage needs and the available space. Then, evaluate your specific requirements in light of the various hook options and pick the ones that best fit the bill. Last but not least, quantify your garage's storage capacity before going out to get hooks.

With some forethought, you can locate the ideal garage storage solution to help you streamline your belongings and make the most of your storage capacity. Check out the highlighted products to learn more about your shopping options. We evaluate top items and give our seal of approval if they meet our standards for style, functionality, and user-friendliness.

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