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Top 15 Best Detachable Quiver Features, Reviews, and FAQs

Brandon Forder
  Dec 7, 2023 11:24 AM

Regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional, it is important to own the best detachable quiver for your bow. This will allow you to keep all your arrows at your fingertips, which will improve your shooting performance.

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Trophy Ridge Lite-1

Lite-1 quiver by Trophy Ridge is a bit of a misnomer if you're a big fan of long range shots. However, it's the most slick quiver on the market, and that's a good thing. If you're looking to spend your hard earned money on a new quiver, you can't go wrong with this one. Its a well designed, well made quiver that will put the smack dab in your face.

The Lite-1 features some slick touches like dual arrow grippers and the aforementioned 3 green LED lights. Despite its small size, it boasts a slick mounting system that enables you to mount it on your bow of choice - no more messing about with the bungee cords and cord wrappers. It's also got a fancy hood and a handy tree hanger to boot. If you're looking to invest in a new quiver, look no further than the Lite-1. You won't regret it.

Its got everything a top notch quiver should: dual arrow grippers, a nice hood, a handy tree hanger, and a slick mounting system that will put the smack dab at your feet. For a premium price, you can't go wrong with this new addition to the Trophy Ridge lineup. It's all about performance and the Lite-1's high-tech features will keep your bow safe and sound while you're out in the field. For more information, or to order, contact us at Trophy Ridge by phone or email.

TightSpot Pivot 2.5 2-Piece Quiver

Designed for maximum arrow security, the TightSpot Pivot 2.5 two piece quiver features an innovative design. Not only does it fit virtually any compound bow, it also provides a surprisingly wide range of adjustability. It features an arrow gripper that slides over the tip of the lower limb, providing maximum security. The hood meanwhile, encases the arrows and features a rubberized pad for a comfortable hold.

The TightSpot Pivot 2.5 two-piece quiver is the only fully adjustable quiver on the market. Its adjustable rods enable you to adjust the distance between the gripper and the hood. This lets you choose a bespoke fit for any arrow length. You can also remove the quiver from your bow when you are in the field.

Aside from the full range of adjustability, the Pivot 2.5 also features a dual locking quiver system. This lets you push the quiver toward the riser and also pull it away. The hood also features a handy finger attachment point.

Despite its modest size, the TightSpot Pivot is designed to hold five arrows. It also boasts an impressive array of features, including a full triple axis of adjustability and a patented arrow gripper that is able to withstand the weight of any arrow. This means the Pivot 2.5 is a quiver that's as close to ideal as you can get.

The TightSpot Pivot has something for everyone, from the novice to the expert. It boasts an arrow gripper that encases standard arrows, a full triple axis of adjustability, and a patented arrow grip that is able to hold up to 20 times the gripping power of other quivers.

Kwikee Lite-4

Whether you're a beginner target shooter or an experienced archery enthusiast, there are quivers that will fit your needs. Fortunately, Kwikee Kwiver has a great selection of quivers for a variety of different archers.

The Kwikee Lite-4 quiver is perfect for field points and mechanical broadheads. It's lightweight and easy to mount. It also offers a metal leaf on the top of the quiver to hold the arrows down. The arrows stay pliable in a wide range of temperatures. The quiver also features a simple design that allows you to remove the quiver without damaging your bow.

The Arctic 2 arrow holder is flexible in cold temperatures. It holds arrows snugly and is also resistant to rocking. The holder also has guide holes to hold arrow points. It includes an Ultra-Lock function that keeps the quiver quiet.

The Kaddy Quiver is also made of high density shock reducing foam. It has a steel lined head cover and can be adjusted to the desired length. It also includes a protective cap for the screw when transporting.

The Tight Spot Rise 5 is a lightweight and super durable quiver that is easy to mount and dismount. It can hold up to six arrows and has a special design that reduces side-torque.

The Arctic 2 arrow holder comes with an Ultra-Lock bolt that secures the quiver. It's also made of NAVCOM material, which is used in aerospace applications. The material absorbs vibration and is designed to be pliable in cold temperatures.

LimbSaver Silent

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current quiver, or are considering buying your first, LimbSaver Silent detachable quiver may be the best way to go. It comes with all the features you are looking for in a quiver, while also being easy to use. With a few simple steps, you can be shooting like a pro in no time.

The quiver boasts a few features including a looped cord to hang it from, an asymmetrical holder with a total working length of 10.5 inches, and a quick-detach bracket. It also comes with a ballistic coating to provide a color-enhanced protective barrier.

The company also offers a series of slings, recoil pads, and bow stabilizers to name just a few of its products. The company stands behind its products, and manufactures them right here in the United States. This means that you can be sure of their quality.

The Silent Quiver has a number of features, including a quick-release bracket and a slick-looking hood. The hood has a loop to hang it from, and is also 1 and 3/4 inches deep at the bottom. The hood also has a few other features, including a double gripper that helps hold arrows in place. This also helps to keep the arrows from slipping around.

While the Silent Quiver can hold up to five arrows, the foxy one has a total working length of 10.5 inches. It also comes with a heavy-duty braided loop.


Whether you are looking for a simple quiver or an arrow holder with a wide variety of features, the TopArchery detachable quiver can provide you with the ultimate in flexibility and storage capacity. The quiver is designed for use by both right- and left-handed shooters and is made from genuine cow leather. The quiver also features silver buckles, a larger pocket at the top and adjustable straps.

TopArchery has a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service. The quiver has an arrow holder for both arrows with field tips and broadheads, a large accessory pocket, a flippable front pocket, and a bow square slot. It also has a small pocket on the front that is compatible with string wax and other extras.

The G4Free quiver is designed for use by both left- and right-handed shooters and holds up to 30 arrows. It is compatible with most modern compound bows and crossbows, and is easy to use with the quick-detach feature. It is available in multiple colors.

The Kratarc back quiver is made from a durable leather interior, and features a handy belt clip. The quiver is also adjustable, allowing the archer to customize its height. Its polyurethane coating prevents it from fading or deteriorating.

The Tight Spot Rise 5 is the most practical arrow quiver on the market. It is lightweight and designed to minimize vibration. It is compatible with most compound bows and crossbows, and features a small cam lock for easy one-hand removal.

Allen Youth Archery Compact

Whether you are hunting deer or other game, the Allen Youth Archery Compact detachable quiver will keep your arrows safe and out of the way. It holds up to five arrows and can be easily attached to your bow. It is a good addition to your child's archery accessories.

The arrow quiver craze is taking over the hunting world, and this Allen Youth Archery Compact detachable is a great example of how to do it right. It is made of a durable polymer and is designed to keep your arrows together and out of the way. It has a three point harness for comfort and a quick detachable mounting bracket for easy storage. It also has an ultra-lock bracket to reduce vibrations.

Its name is not a giveaway, but the Tight Spot Rise 5 is one of the more functional quivers on the market. It is lightweight and can be mounted and demounted with one hand.

It is made of 600 denier material that can withstand the elements. It also features a hood with a foam-lined system that keeps the arrows in place during shooting.

The hood has a three-pin optical bow sight, a pin sight, and an arrow rest. It can also be adjusted to slant to counter falling arrows.

The Arrow Holder is designed to hold small diameter youth arrows. It features a quick draw system and a mounting bracket that can hold four arrows at a time.

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