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Best Countertop Crushed Ice Makers Of 2022

Brandon Forder
  Nov 30, 2022 6:08 AM

You shouldn't feel cheated out of your time or money when purchasing a product that provides value. How do you decide which product to buy when they all promise to provide excellent value? Yes, you could use some wisdom.

In this article, we'll go over a few key points that will help you choose the best Countertop Crushed Ice Maker from the many options now available. We'll explain not only why these are the greatest choices, but also how we arrived at them. When compiling this list, we thought about things like how satisfied customers were with the product, how easy it was to get a replacement if necessary, how much it cost, and how quickly it could be shipped.

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Buying Guide


There is a vast range in the size of ice makers, from compact units that can fit on a counter to those that take up a lot of room on the floor. Should you keep a huge unit running in the garage at all times, or is it acceptable to set up a countertop model in the kitchen each time you need to restock the family's supply of beverages?


When would you like the ice to be ready? Determine the importance of speed based on whether you want to manufacture a lot of ice in advance or maintain a steady supply. You can get the party started immediately with ice from some machines, but if you don't have room for ice, it's better to invest in an ice maker that can keep up with hourly demand.

Ice storage capacity

You will have to constantly remove ice from your ice maker and store it somewhere if it can create a large quantity of ice quickly but has a little storage capacity. That's excellent if you can anticipate your ice needs and remember to check the machine frequently, but a machine with a greater storage capacity could be able to retain enough ice so you never have to unload it.

Water Filtration System

Water filtering systems can vary widely between makes and models. Some ice machines are not suitable for use with hard water. If you know the quality of the water in your home, you can select an ice maker that will work properly.


Pick an ice maker that can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning. Self-cleaning functions are standard on modern ice machines.

Ice Production

The daily ice output from various ice manufacturers varies. Between 20 and 45 pounds each day might be expected. You should get a larger capacity ice maker if you frequently host parties.

During the hot summer months, you can use ice made by a sonic ice maker to cool your drinks and give your teeth a refreshing crunch. Therefore, you should take your time while making your ice maker purchase.


In order to establish a benchmark, we looked for ice makers that could create at least 24 pounds of ice in 24 hours. Also, bear in mind that ice makers create ice, but don't usually keep the cubes cold, so you'll either need to use it right away or store it in the freezer. It also implies that a large capacity isn't required unless you know for sure that you'll be using a lot of ice in a short period of time.

Ease of setup

In our search for an ice machine, we prioritized simplicity. Before a party, no one likes to waste time fighting with cumbersome equipment, and if you need ice, you probably need it quickly. Our "easy" rating implies that you can start making ice with the machine within 15 minutes of unpacking it. Everything else was labeled "needs some assembly," including models that need to go through a cleaning cycle first or have an assembly that could be confusing or annoying.


Some background noise is to be expected, but most people would rather not have a noisy ice maker in their kitchens. Since most bullet ice makers are programmed to dump ice into the bucket below at regular intervals (often every ten minutes), shopping director at Kitchn Jada Wong recommends finding a type that won't annoy you. Below, we've indicated whether or not the ice machines are noisier than a refrigerator.


How do you clean an ice maker?

First, turn off the power to your ice maker. Turn it upside down or remove the drain cap, if present, to remove any liquid from the reservoir. Take the ice bucket out and clean it with a sponge drenched in a solution of vinegar and warm water. The interior should next be wiped down using the same sponge and vinegar-water solution. (The outside can be cleaned with a damp cloth.) Finally, dry everything with a soft cotton towel. Please wait one full hour after cleaning your ice maker before replacing the ice bin or plugging it back in. Use the cleaning cycle immediately if your ice machine has one. If this isn't an option on your ice machine, you can either let it run for a few cycles and then discard the ice or use it as a plant food.

How does an ice maker work?

Portable ice producers function otherwise than large, commercial ice makers. When filling the water reservoir of a typical consumer unit, do so up to the fill line. The water is filtered before being pumped to the ice tray from the reservoir. Either the water is froze solid by a compressor and fan, or very cold prongs are submerged in the water. After that, the prongs are heated by a heat exchanger or warm refrigerant, and the ice slips off and into the ice basket below. One cycle of an ice maker might take anything from five to twenty minutes.

How do countertop ice makers work? 

Although specifics vary by model, all ice producers begin by forcing water into ice molds. When the ice in the molds has completely frozen, the ice maker will gently heat the molds to help the ice release, and then the molds will be ejected into the storage bin. As long as there is fresh water to use and/or storage for new ice, the process will continue.

Do portable ice makers need a water line? 

Many portable ice producers don't require a permanent water connection because they have their own built-in water storage tanks. However, there are a few commercial units suitable for residential use that necessitate a water line, and in some cases, a drain.


A review guide can help you become a more educated buyer and protect you from being duped by aggressive sales tactics or misleading marketing. Picking the greatest deal on a Countertop Crushed Ice Maker requires thinking through a number of factors, including the product's longevity, features, and use.

We think you can obtain the best deal possible if you shop with the right criteria in mind. You just need to use some caution when choosing. Take your time. Don't rush into making a choice; instead, give yourself plenty of time to think things out. Also, there's no point in shelling out extra cash for something that supposedly comes with better quality or more features. You won't come to regret it.

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