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Best Scanners To Scan Old Photos For 2023

Brandon Forder
  Feb 1, 2023 4:55 PM

If you're anything like me, you've got a box (or boxes) of old photographs collecting dust in a closet, and you'd love to scan them so you may show them to your loved ones online. However, suggestions for how to accomplish this would be very appreciated. Is a specialized scanner required, or can a flatbed scanner, document scanner, or even the camera on your phone suffice? Who makes the most highly regarded image scanning software? This article will examine the various photo scanners on the market, provide our photo scanner evaluations, and assist you in selecting the best picture scanner for your needs.

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What kind of bed are you looking for, a flatbed or a feeder? Maybe a portable device or a smartphone app? Figure out if you want a stationary scanner or if portability is more important to you. If you tend to do a lot of work on the go, Option #1 (which is both lightweight and highly regarded) is probably your best bet. There are both free and paid scanner app choices available, although they are often not designed for scanning photographs.


It goes without saying that we all do this, but it bears mentioning here. Investing in a fantastic or fast scanner, such as #3, is likely to pay off in the long term if scanning is something you expect to do regularly for work. But if you're only seeking to digitize some photos as part of a one-time minimalist paper dump, then you might be better off with a cheaper solution.

One Or Two-Sided

Some of the photographs are blank, while others have endearing old comments and the dates on which they were taken scribbled on the back. Have you considered using a scanner that can read both sides of a document? Scanning on both sides is a common feature of flatbeds, and some feeder models are starting to catch up. You can still use a one-sided scanner to scan both sides of a small number of images and store them together if that's all you need. In this case, it really is a matter of personal taste.

Media Type

And what exactly are you hoping to scan? What other kinds of documents outside business cards do you read? Perhaps the most practical solution would be to use a portable scanner. On the other hand, a scanner that excels at photograph scanning is preferable than one that is optimized for optical character recognition if you plan on digitizing old family images. Good scanning skills are essential in an office setting. Dependent on your needs and budget, high-end scanners are capable of scanning virtually anything you throw at them and may even come with features like separate bays and movable sliders.


A photo scanner's resolution, expressed in dots per inch, is critical (DPI). Choose a higher DPI model if you need your device to catch greater details in images. Be aware, though, that these devices will also pick up on any flaws in your photographs, especially if your original document is in poor condition. Since high DPI scanners generate substantial image files, these models also permit you to perform some fine-tuning to enhance the aesthetic of the shot. Thus, if you plan on scanning many photographs, you'll need an additional storage device.

Scan Speed

A scanner that can keep up with you is ideal if you are frequently pressed for time, impatient, or have a lot of items to scan. Check the scanner's page-per-minute capacity. If you need to scan a lot of documents at once, look into scanners that have automatic document feeders. Time and energy are both conserved. Those who occasionally scan a few documents may want to save money or prioritize functionality.

Cloud Support

Do you need access to your scanned files from many locations? If you choose for a scanner that works with the cloud, that is a viable choice. You may scan documents and photos directly into the cloud with the help of several devices on the market today. Find one that works with your favorite cloud storage platform, whether it's Google Drive, Dropbox, or something else.

Ease of Use

Various photo scanners on the market allow for a wide range of personalization. If you want to use one without straining your brain, it's preferable to invest in a model with intuitive controls and simple programs.


If you're constantly on the move, mobility should be a top priority. Find a compact picture scanner to take with you. See how well it charges via your laptop's USB port and how long the battery lasts while you're at it.

How Often You’ll Use It

You may be utilizing a photo scanner frequently if you're expanding your family history research by digitizing old photos you uncovered while cleaning out your grandparents' basement. Maybe you've been thinking of decluttering your home in a Marie Kondo-esque fashion. Figure out how often you'll be using the scanner, whether it's daily, weekly, or annually, and choose accordingly.


Are different connectivity types essential?

Having a variety of connection choices for your document scanner is helpful because your needs will vary. More and more scanners these days come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which is great if you want to scan to your phone or tablet without being tethered to it by cords. Wi-Fi connectivity is convenient, but it's not required for use in a properly connected home office.

Which is the most common type of scanner?

The most common scanner is a flatbed scanner since it is simpler to feed documents into. Some scanners, especially portable ones, need you to manually feed the document, which might be difficult to do without destroying the actual paper. Find the most practical approach to achieving your goals. If you intend to scan thick books or other large documents, a scanner with a removable cover may come in handy.


Although nostalgic memories might be evoked by seeing an old film or photograph, these items are constantly at risk of being damaged or destroyed as time passes. A high-quality scanner will assist you in creating backups of your old photographs and photo albums, allowing you to access them from any computer, at any time, anywhere in the world.

We have included a photo scanner on our list that is suitable for both casual and professional use. It is our sincere desire that this article helps you in your search for a new scanne

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