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Best Scanners To Avoid Police : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  Feb 1, 2023 4:29 PM

A decent police scanner may help you stay informed about what's going on in your neighborhood, whether you're doing so out of concern for your own safety or because you're simply fascinated by the work of the police and fire departments in your region. A police scanner is a device that tunes into and displays information from radio channels used by law enforcement agencies. It's perfectly legal, and it'll give you a taste of the challenges faced by local emergency personnel.


Analog and digital versions of police scanners exist. In order to tune into a certain channel, analog police scanners rely on time-tested radio frequencies. On the other hand, digital scanners will be able to pick up the digital communications signal being sent and received within a certain department. The sound quality of digital signals is more undistorted, and they may be received from farther away. In addition to local transmissions, some scanners allow you to listen to transmissions from other states. This broadens your understanding of the nationwide efforts of law enforcement and emergency personnel.

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Buying Guide

A police scanner is a useful tool for keeping tabs on what's going on in your neighborhood. However, the greatest police scanners can provide you with information on local occurrences before they are widely published. Scanner broadcasts will be the first to reveal information about a potentially dangerous scenario or tragedy to which police are responding. If you are listening in, you will be among the first to find out. Faster than Twitter, that's wonderful news! You or the people you know may benefit from avoiding these regions now that you have been made aware of this potentially crucial information.

Information about the current weather and road conditions is also quite useful. Storms can sometimes come on so suddenly that you won't have time to prepare for them before you're in the thick of it. If you reside in a region prone to tornadoes or other natural disasters, this is of paramount importance. As an added bonus, hearing accident reports on the scanner can let you know to avoid certain roads if there have been any recent incidents.

The finest police scanner for you will depend on your needs and finances, so take both into account before making a purchase. You should also know that there are radios and accessories aimed squarely at either novices or pros.


Handheld Scanners

Most readily available and inexpensive are portable police scanners. These devices, which have a rectangular form and an antenna to pick up various frequencies and channels, resemble handheld radios or even walkie talkies. Although rechargeable choices are growing more widespread, most devices rely on disposable batteries. They are small enough to fit in the car's glove compartment and can be used as police scanners, emergency warning systems, and for two-way communication.

Desk Scanners

A desk scanner, also known as a desktop scanner, is an excellent option for anyone seeking for a portable police scanner for use in a home or workshop. These are substantially bulkier and heavier than portable alternatives, and are instead designed to be placed on a tabletop, shelf, or desk for use at home. They're more robust and can do more than handheld scanners, because they run on regular wall current rather than batteries. However, their increased bulk and price tag make them less desirable.


You may find police scanners for under $50 if you're on a tight budget. However, they're rare and lack extensive functionality. You can find high-quality scanners with plenty of useful functions, intuitive bands, and clear reception for about $200. Costs range from $250 for smaller handheld versions to $450 for the highest-end desktop and big scanners.

Easy of use

Check the level of complexity of each gadget and pick one that's within your skill set. While some scanners are designed with beginners in mind, others may be more complex to operate and would benefit from the hands of someone with expertise and motivation to learn how to use it to its full potential.

Digital or analog

An analog police scanner, as its name suggests, listens to analog (non-digital) radio signals. Digital and even some analog transmissions are still in use in less populated areas. Simply input the frequency you want to listen to with the built-in keypad. However, due to digital systems' improved range and reception, many major urban areas are making the changeover. Digitized signals have the potential downside of being encrypted.


There were just ten channels available on devices at the outset. If 10-20 channels is all you need, you're probably only listening to a few of stations in your area. Numerous portable and desktop gadgets now come with hundreds of channels; some provide as many as 500.

Lists and Banks

A large number of channels may be easily managed with the use of lists and banks. You can program in certain frequencies, such as those broadcast by the police and fire departments in your area, and save them for later use. You can now quickly go to the appropriate channels.

Dynamic Memory

If increased bank regulation is something you're interested in, this is a wonderful option. A scanner with fixed memory will have uniformly sized banks. This means that any unused slots in the bank will be deleted automatically. On the other hand, if your scanner model has a dynamic memory system, you can alter the bank sizes to fit smaller banks if necessary.


Is there an app for police scanners?

Traditional police scanners, whether handheld or desktop, have contemporary replacements. Your smartphone likely has a police scanner app that will allow you to listen to digital frequencies. Many can be accessed without cost or with a paid membership.

What is the range of a police scanner?

The effective range of electronic gadgets varies. Determine how far away conversations, radio stations, and emergency warnings or signals will be by looking up the frequencies that your scanner can pick up.

Can you use a CB radio as a police scanner?

It's up to the specific CB radio in question. Several CB radios also function as scanners, providing access to emergency services including police and fire departments. The frequency range and product description specs should be checked to make sure you can scan for the correct channels.

Is it legal to own a police scanner?

It can be complicated to determine whether or not your police scanner is legal. Possession of a police scanner radio is generally legal. Taking a police scanner on the road, however, may be against the law. Using a mobile police scanner without an FCC license or approval from local law enforcement is prohibited in many states, including New York, Minnesota, Kentucky, Florida, and Indiana. While mobile scanners are allowed in certain states, it is against the law in others to use one to commit a crime.


It's important to know how local police feel about the use of police scanners before going shopping for one. Even though police scanners for use in the house are legal in most states, mobile police scanners, such as police scanner apps on a smartphone, are illegal in other jurisdictions. Before buying a police scanner, check your state's laws on the subject.

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