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Best Scanners That Work With Mac : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  Feb 1, 2023 4:55 PM

Whether you're shopping for a Windows or Mac scanner, you should always prioritize quality. Every time you shop, you hope to find an item that checks all of your requirements.

Now factor in the cost, and you've got yourself the best scanner money can buy. There is a catch, though!

Not all scanners are compatible with Apple computers, but the most majority will operate with a Windows PC. Here is a rundown of the five top scanners for Mac OS X, chosen from among the select handful that are up to the task.

Yes, let's delve in!

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Buying Guide


Given that we're on the hunt for scanners for macOS, it's imperative that you select a product that is compatible with the operating system on your Mac. Look into the scanner and its compatibility by visiting the manufacturer's site. All of the scanners we reviewed are fully compatible with the latest OS X and Windows releases.

Supported Page Size

Already discussed is that portable scanners are not made to handle pages and documents that are too large. Having mobility come at the expense of this sort of sacrifice is inevitable. Unfortunately, portable scanners that can handle A3-sized paper are still somewhat rare. These scanners are relatively narrow and tall for their length. You may scan documents up to A3 size using these devices, which look like a folded up magazine.

Scanning Speed

Portable scanners' scanning speeds are likewise far lower than those of desktop models. However, you can still anticipate speeds of up to 1 sec. each page. There is a distinction in how quickly black-and-white, color, and picture scans are completed. The capability to scan on both sides of a page at once is what we mean by "duplex," and it's a great way to get through a lot of documents quickly. Choose a scanner with a speed of no less than 5 seconds per page.

Scan Enhancement Functions 

The scanners' cutting-edge capabilities automatically enhance the scan for maximum clarity and readability, revealing impressive levels of detail. Common scan improvement features consist of auto dolor detection, page size detection, picture rotation, background removal, and deskew and rotation.

Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection

There is also the matter of a document scanner's ability to scan in color. If it detects that more than one page is being supplied at once, an alert will be generated.

More and more scanners now have this function because of how popular it is.

Duplex Scanning (Single-pass)

A duplex scanner is a scanner that can scan both sides of a sheet of paper without requiring the user to flip it over. Scanners that can handle both sides of a page in a single pass are called "single-pass duplex scanners." Because of this, productivity rises.

A simplex scanner is a scanner that can only scan one side of a sheet of paper at a time.

An further consideration is that most modern scanners can read both sides of a sheet of paper in a single run.

A minority of flatbed scanners, however, necessitate two passes through the paper. It takes a lot longer since it has to pull the paper in one direction to scan one side, then draw it back in another direction to scan the other side.

If the manufacturer doesn't say whether the scanner is a single-pass or double-pass model, there is a technique to tell while researching its features.

Verify the page count and the image count per minute. You can tell that the scanner is a double-passing type if the ppm is exactly half of the ipm.


Finally, cost should play a major role in your decision. You should evaluate your needs, think about the characteristics they provide, and then choose the one that best fits your budget.

Look for a scanner designed for more extensive production usage if you need to work on greater amounts of sheets or share a scanner with others in the office.

Depending on processing power and other features, these can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000.

Many high-priced scanners can handle up to several thousand pages per day in duty cycles and boast faster scanning speeds and larger automatic document feeders.


Wear and tear on scanners and other devices is inevitable over time. Mobile scanners, in particular, are susceptible to wear and tear as well as physical harm from transportation. Make sure your scanner has a guarantee of at least a year so you can get some assistance if you run into trouble.

Connectivity Options

The availability of network connections is another crucial aspect to think about. You can connect most scanners to a computer using USB. It's a simple way to link up with your Mac. Some premium scanners also have built-in Wi-Fi, simplifying wireless connections even further. You can use it to scan from numerous devices or send your scans straight to the cloud.


What does the DPI stand for in the case of scanners?

Images are measured in dots per inch (DPI). After scanning a photo or picture, the computer creates an image file. The DPI in this scenario will influence how sharp and clear the photos are. When the DPI is increased, so too does the image quality.

Are portable scanners worth it?

It's true that portable scanners are as good as, if not better than, their larger counterparts. These scanners are portable, lightweight, and compact while still providing the same functionality.


That means you may easily transport them to and from the office and back home again. Accordingly, we conclude that they are money well spent.

What should I do if the scanner outputs images with white lines?

Scanned files with a white line typically indicate dust in the scanner. Use a can of compressed air to blow inside the scanner. Get in touch with the maker if the issue persists.

What to do if there is a black bar or the images have streaks across them?

That the scanner isn't functioning properly if this occurs. The appropriate course of action in this situation is to contact the manufacturer and request warranty service.


That settles it, I guess. After researching and testing a number of different document scanners, we have compiled a list of the best solutions for Mac users. There are a variety of scanners to choose from in our buying guide, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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