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Top 17 Best Kids Jewelry Making Kits Of 2023

Brandon Forder
  Feb 1, 2023 2:52 PM

Why, why, why didn't they make kid-friendly jewelry-making kits when I was a kid? (And even if this one were available, it wouldn't have been as good as the others.) Just think of all the trips to the craft store you made with Mom in search of various types of cording, beads, and tools. Finding everything we needed and then waiting for Mom to finish shopping felt like an age, but we finally got home and got to work on our crafts. Fortunately, though, businesses have seen the light and eliminated some of the frustration and work involved in buying. Bracelet and jewelry kits are just like any other art or craft kit in that they are great and can be used successfully by kids of any age. Better yet, it's something that can be done solo or with company (and you know your kiddo will love making matching BFF jewelry with their bestie).

Making jewelry or other forms of wearable art gives individuals a constructive way to express themselves. It's practically a requirement for maturation, on par with learning to swim or going on a camping vacation. You can take satisfaction in your handiwork long after you've finished making it. Crafting gifts of jewelry for loved ones is another way to strengthen relationships. Making jewelry is a fun and creative approach for kids to practice concentration, focus, and fine motor skills. Please keep in mind that most jewelry-making sets have small parts and are not appropriate for children under the age of three.

Check out these jewelry kits for kids to add to your summer to-do list so they may be entertained, if only for a little time. In any case, don't forget to pick up a jewelry box for your little girl!

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Kits for creating jewelry are available for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to teenagers.

Children between the ages of three and five are still developing the dexterity in their hands and fingers necessary to do things like coloring, cutting with scissors, and buttoning clothes. They will excel at making thick, substantial necklaces and bracelets out of chunky beads or stringing plastic beads together. Bead kits with alphabets, popular animals, or scenes from nature tend to be well-received.

Children in the early elementary school years (ages 6 to 9) can successfully use a loom and thread beads of an intermediate size. Although they still appreciate colorful elements, they may choose fictional characters over animal motifs. Accessory bling that screams "look at me!" is all the rage amongst the youth of today.

Younger teenagers (10 to 14 years old) are only beginning to discover their personal style and may wish to copy current jewelry fashions. They may look down on band loom kits, but they may find great joy in creating elaborate friendship bracelets. Those with pierced ears should keep an eye out for trendy earrings. Most people's manual dexterity improves to the point that they can work with very little beads by the time they reach this age.


Depending on your desired look, you can choose from a variety of jewelry-making kits. Think over what's included in the kit and whether or not your kid would actually wear the jewelry they make.


You can find everything you need to make a beautiful piece of jewelry in a kit. Assess your current toolkit to see whether you're missing anything essential like pliers, or if you already have what you need lying around the house like a pair of rulers or scissors.


Is there a place to put everything away once you're done with the kit? Think about whether or not you have a location to keep undone tasks or works in progress.


Keep in mind that many of these kits have a minimum age restriction before purchase. Don't let the little ones play alone with the puzzle pieces.


Keep in mind that youngsters may need assistance from an adult when using jewelry-making kits, as least at initially. Finding a jewelry kit with clear instructions might be a huge help if you're not a natural craftsperson. Some kits have textual instructions, while others direct you to websites with visual guides.


In order to ensure that each child receives a piece of jewelry from a jewelry-making kit, it is important to get a kit with an abundance of materials. Everything necessary to construct the jewelry is included in this price. If you have six people waiting around, it's not fun for them to have to wait while two individuals make loom bracelets.

Friendship tokens

There has been a revival of the trend of wearing jewelry that proclaims your friendship with another person; many kits now contain "best friends forever" charms and beads. Kits containing these items are great for giving to an individual, but they should be avoided for group craft sessions to prevent arguments.


Stickers are a great alternative to paints for young children who may not yet have the dexterity to work with both at the same time. To spruce up their jewelry, even the tiniest artisans can peel and paste decals. Unique features like a scratch-and-sniff surface or a glow-in-the-dark version are also available.


How can I entice my child to use their jewelry-making kit?

There is no need to give up hope if your kid shows no enthusiasm for their clothing at first. Some children may be put off by the novelty of a kit, while others may not be aware of how much fun they may have with one. A child who is hesitant to participate can be won over by a simple invitation to join in. Pick something you can finish in a reasonable amount of time so your kid doesn't become bored. As a keepsake of your time together, let your child choose the colors or pattern, or have them produce matching items.

What if I’m not sure whether my child is interested in jewelry?

A rubber band loom kit is a low-risk bet if you're willing to take a chance. Loom kits are multipurpose while most jewelry kits are focused on a single item. In addition to finding instructions for making necklaces and bracelets, you may also find instructions for making charms, free-standing animals, and other accessories through online searches. Looms demand more effort and concentration than simple bead threading, so even kids who aren't particularly interested in jewelry might find the kit to be a fun challenge.

When is my kid too old for a children’s kit?

While every adolescent goes through a unique developmental process, most make the shift from childish to mature tastes sometime around the time they enter their early teens. If your youngster is entering their teenage years, it may be time to retire the neon and rubber from their outfit. A jewelry-making kit aimed at adults could be a great present for a teenager who enjoyed the hobby as a kid. It will be just as entertaining, but with fancier aesthetics.


Making jewelry is a great activity for families to do together, or it may be a fun activity for your children to do on their own. If you want to unleash your inner artist and make some wearable art, jewelry-making kits are a fantastic option.

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