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Top 12 Best J Frame Revolver Pocket Holster In 2023

Brandon Forder
  Feb 1, 2023 3:08 PM

Choosing the best j frame revolver pocket holster can be a difficult task, but you can narrow down the process with a little bit of research. You'll want to look for features that will ensure your holster will last for years, such as a heavy-duty metal frame, leather, or Kydex. You'll also want to choose a holster that fits your hand comfortably, with a small enough profile to hide the firearm behind you.

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Whether you are looking to carry your Smith and Wesson J frame revolver as a primary gun or as a backup, the S&W J frame revolver pocket holster will allow you to do so comfortably. The holster is ambidextrous and features a cant adjustable ambidextrous clip. This holster also works well for AIWB carry.

The original S&W J frame model had a 2" barrel. In order to make the gun more concealable, S&W shortened the barrel to approximately 1 7/8".

While it is possible to carry a J frame revolver in a pocket, it requires extreme situational awareness. It can be hard to access in stressful situations. You should also have a variety of clothing that can be used to conceal your gun. The current listed holsters are ideal for front pocket carry in most standard mens jeans.

The S&W J frame revolver has a variety of holsters available. The GPH Pocket Holster series, for example, offers full coverage and a snag free draw. The GPH holster is also low profile. These holsters feature a soft kydex shell that prevents the gun from moving around while you are carrying.

Another holster for the Smith and Wesson J frame revolver is the Icon Appendix Holster. This holster features contoured edges that fit into the natural pocket of the inner thigh. This holster also comes with a foam wedge for a more secure carry. It also features a thumb break for quick draw.

The PJ Holster pocket holsters feature a curved hook that makes them easy to carry in a purse or backpack. They also come with a side extra pocket for credit cards.


Whether you are carrying a Smith and Wesson J Frame revolver as your primary or as a backup gun, you need a holster that is comfortable to carry, concealable, and safe. Finding the right holster is no easy task. The best holsters are designed to conceal the gun while providing a sturdy, comfortable grip for easy draw.

There are many pocket holsters on the market today. Each one is designed for different pockets and shapes. Some are designed to look like a wallet, while others are designed to be carried in the front pocket of cargo type pants. There are also a few that are shaped to fit in the rear pocket.

Some of the best pocket holsters are made by DeSantis. They are known for quality and durability. One of their best products is the Nemisis, which has an extremely fast draw. Another good product is the Pocket Softy, which is a neoprene backing covered in suede. This material is more comfortable than a hard plastic holster, while also preventing the holster from slipping out of your pocket when you draw.

One of the best pocket holsters is the KRAMER Pocket Holster, which keeps your gun upright in your pocket and prevents the front sight from wearing a hole in the pocket. The holster is also designed to prevent the flutes on the revolver's cylinder from cutting into your pocket.

The Palmetto LeatherWorks Pocket holster is a top quality, American-made product. It features a smooth front and rear hook, premium exotic leathers, and a lower rear hook. The holster also has an extra pocket on the side for your credit cards.


Having the right pocket holster for your Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver will make your life a little easier. The pocket holster will provide some protection to your gun, but also prevent it from moving around inside your pocket. The pocket holster will also help you access your gun in a pinch, allowing you to use it as an emergency backup weapon.

There are a lot of pocket holsters on the market. Some are good, some are bad, and some are a total waste of money. However, the one that actually gets you the most out of your pocket is the Harry's Holster Icon. It's a kydex holster specifically designed for Smith & Wesson J-frames. It's also reversible, has an underhook, and uses a spring steel clip. It also has a generous sight channel, and ships with a thread locker.

The pocket holster is designed with a moisture proof membrane, and is made of full grain leather. It also has a reinforced inner lining, and an open top for easy access. It also has an extra pocket on the side for cash and credit cards.

The gun holster is made by a holster company that's been around since the mid-1960s, and they've produced the best pocket holster you can buy. The best part is that it's affordable. In fact, the Icon is one of the least expensive revolver holsters you can buy.

The holster features a hammer block, which prevents the firing pin from hitting the case primer if you don't pull the trigger. It also has a low profile concealment wing, which keeps the revolver close to your body. It also has a belt support.

Ruger SP 101

Originally introduced by Sturm Ruger in 1989, the Ruger SP-101 series is designed to be a smaller, compact, cousin to the Ruger GP100. The series is intended to be a civilian and law enforcement backup gun. Typically, the SP-101 weighs about 20 to 30 ounces.

This revolver is made from all-steel, and has been praised for its ability to digest big amounts of full-power magnum ammunition. It is also popular with plenty of shooters. Some models have fixed sights, while others have fiber optic front sights. Despite its compact size, the SP-101 weighs about half a pound more than a Ruger LCR.

The SP-101 is available in both 9mm and 357 calibers. The smallest SP-101 models have a three-inch barrel, while the largest models have a four-inch barrel. The SP-101 is available in both two- and four-shot models. The models with the 4.25-inch barrel have a fixed rear sight, while those with the 3.2-inch barrel have a target rear sight.

The Ruger SP-101 is a full-power revolver, which means that it doesn't have a recoil spring. However, the SP-101 does have an ejector rod that's easy to eject. It also has a brisk ejector rod, which makes ejecting 38 Special cases a breeze.

The Ruger SP-101 has a very long forcing cone, which helps reduce muzzle flip. The SP-101 is also a very durable gun, and has been in production for more than a decade. This makes it a great choice for law enforcement or civilian use.

The Ruger SP-101 is available with fixed sights, adjustable sights, and a target rear sight. Almost all SP-101 models feature a stainless steel finish. However, some models are made from distributor-exclusive materials, which may have a different finish.

Don Hume

Having a pocket holster is not the only way to carry your J-frame revolver. However, putting it in your pocket without a good holster may lead to disaster. This is especially true if you are a defensive shooter.

A pocket holster should have a few tricks up its sleeve. A holster of this ilk should protect your trigger and should also have a small belt slot to pull your gun close to your body. It should also have a sturdy base and a protruding hook. A pocket holster should also have a raked carry angle to keep your gun off the ground. A holster should also have a nameplate that is easy to recognize.

The best pocket holsters are the ones that are made from high-quality materials. For instance, the best pocket holsters are made from quality leather. They are also made to last. If you are looking for the best pocket holster for your J-frame revolver, then you should consider the Don Hume H720 paddle holster. You should also consider the Don Hume JIT Slide Holster. This holster is designed to fit small to medium sized revolvers, and is a good choice if you plan to carry your gun in the office.

The Don Hume holster is also available in a variety of other styles, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. The price depends on which style you choose. For instance, the Don Hume H720 paddle holster costs around $40. Fortunately, the company offers free shipping on purchases over $100 to 164 countries and regions. The company has also received some good reviews from customers.

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