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Top 12 Best Helmets For Snowmobile In 2024

Brandon Forder
  Apr 21, 2024 9:57 PM

Whether you are searching for the best helmets for snowmobiles, or simply looking for a great helmet for your next ride, there are several factors that you should consider before purchasing one. This article will help you make an informed decision about what to look for in a snowmobile helmet.

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Dual pane shield

Buying snowmobile helmets comes with a number of important considerations. The helmet should fit the rider's head, protect from the elements, and meet DOT and ECE standards. It should also provide comfort, ventilation, and anti-fog protection.

Several styles are available, including full face and modular helmets. Depending on your needs, you can choose a helmet that offers heated face shields, which can reduce fogging. You may also opt for an electric shield, which uses a cord plugged into the snowmobile's electrical system. This works like the defrost feature in a car.

Snowmobile helmets with a dual pane shield are perfect for cold weather. They keep fog from building up on the shield, and prevent ice from forming. They also offer better visibility in any weather.

These helmets feature a durable polycarbonate visor shield that is coated with the best anti-fog treatment. They are also available with an integrated flip-down amber shield for easy sun protection.

The dual-pane visor helps prevent fogging, and enables you to change the tint of the visor. A Pinlock insert keeps the visor in place, reducing cold air. You can also install breath guards, which deflect cold air from hitting your bare skin. These guards can be installed with Velcro or snaps, and help keep the shield fog-free.

The Typhoon TH129 is a full face snowmobile helmet with a clear optically correct double pane shield. It also features a micro-ratcheting quick release strap and adjustable fit. It also has a larger eye port for improved vision.

The Castle X EXO-CX950 is an all-around snowmobile helmet that has a heated option. Its double-lens visor shield is built with a built-in heated function, which is easily operated.

DOT approval

DOT approved snowmobile helmets are a necessity for any motorcyclist. They provide full protection from impact. They also have features that are specific to motorcycling.

A DOT sticker identifies a helmet as meeting DOT standards. There are several different tests that a helmet must pass in order to be certified. These tests include penetration resistance, shock absorption, peripheral vision, and retention system.

The DOT testing process is well-documented. It is also a rigorous procedure that leaves little room for error.

DOT certification is one of the more stringent impact test schemes. The DOT standards include a variety of criteria, including shock absorption and penetration resistance. These tests are conducted at four different sites.

The DOT standard also limits the duration of an acceleration pulse. The test measures the acceleration pulse of a headform, and compares it to a standard. The peak acceleration must not be higher than 400 Gas, and the pulse must be shorter than four milliseconds.

The SNELL Memorial Foundation, established by race car driver Pete Snell, developed tests to determine the effectiveness of helmets. These tests use different methods of analysis. The Snell standard is more robust than the DOT standard. It requires a helmet to absorb substantially more impact than the DOT standard, and it also requires that the helmet be able to transmit less force.

There are several other tests to look for in a snowmobile helmet. The Pinlock insert helps prevent fogging. It also keeps the visor in place. The modular ventilation system helps keep the helmet cool and comfortable. It also pulls in fresh air through the front and expels warm air from the rear.

While the DOT is the standard to look for, the Snell and ECE helmet standards also provide valuable information.

Modular vs full-face

Whether you're buying a new snowmobile helmet, or restocking on an old one, you'll want to understand the differences between modular and full-face helmets. These helmets share many similarities, but there are also a few differences. Ultimately, the right helmet will depend on your comfort level, your safety goals, and the amount of protection you need.

Modular helmets have a chin bar that can be lifted up, transforming the lid into an open face helmet. They often have an adjustable sun visor, and a dual pane shield. This shield keeps your eyes protected from flying debris and fogging. Some models even have a heated shield, which eliminates fogging on cold days.

However, modular helmets are not as rugged as full face helmets, and are usually much heavier. They also tend to cost more. The HJC i90 Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet is a good example of a modular helmet. It has a variety of high tech features, such as speaker pockets and advance channeling ventilation.

Modular helmets are designed to provide more convenience and comfort than a full face helmet. This is done by incorporating a hinge system, a chin bar that can be raised or lowered, and a venting system that draws air in through the front and expels warm air from the back.

The chin bar on a modular helmet is not as robust as a full face helmet's. It is also not unified with the rest of the helmet. This makes it less stable during a crash. There are also concerns about how the chin bar will stay in place during a crash.

A full face helmet has a chin bar that can be detachable, allowing for a wider field of vision. However, they are heavier and bulkier, and some riders find them uncomfortable.


Whether you are looking for a snowmobile helmet or one for a motorcycle, Typhoon Helmets has a helmet to fit your needs. The helmets are built to be durable and offer reliable safety, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable helmet.

The exterior shell of the helmet is made of an ABS plastic. This makes it lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. It is also scratch resistant. Moreover, the inside of the helmet is made of high-density thick EPS foam for enhanced comfort.

The helmet features a double lens shield, which improves all-round protection. It has a thin layer of air in between the two lenses, which helps reduce fogging. It also has a detachable chin curtain for extra ventilation.

The helmet also features a micro-adjustable chin strap and a drop-down sun visor. It is also eyewear-compatible, which means that you can wear glasses without losing vision.

The helmet also features a detachable liner, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. It is also comfortable for long rides. The helmet also features an advanced airflow system, which removes moisture and excess heat from the EPS liner. It is also available in youth sizes.

A Typhoon snowmobile helmet offers protection for the face, ears, and nose. It also has a dual lens anti-fog face shield. It also features a tinted, retractable sun visor. The helmet is designed for all-day comfort, which is important when you are riding in the cold.

Another Typhoon helmet is the Typhoon K77, which is a full face snowmobile helmet. The helmet features a lightweight, aerodynamic design that enhances its sleek body. It also features a detachable liner and quick release shield brackets.

HJC i90

Whether you're a serious off-trail rider or you're just looking to protect your head, an HJC i90 helmet for snowmobile is an ideal choice. It features a polycarbonate shell and internal sun visor for protection. It's lightweight, has a removable nylex lining and is washable in the machine. It's also DOT-certified for safety.

The i90 features an electric snow shield. This helps prevent fogging and ensures clear vision on cold days. It also has an internal sun visor that can be deployed at the touch of a button. The chin curtain also helps battle fog. It's also compatible with Bluetooth.

HJC helmets are built with a Supercool Interior, which keeps the rider comfortable while also providing moisture-wicking fabric. These helmets also feature large eye ports. They're available in a variety of colors and designs. Some helmets come with bright LED lights on the rear to make you more visible on the snow.

If you're looking for a snowmobile helmet that's easy to clean, look for a model with a polycarbonate shell. HJC helmets also feature a breath guard and chin curtain to keep you warm and protected. They're also DOT-certified and tested to meet Snell Foundation standards.

The i90 features an electric shield to help fight fog and an internal sun visor to keep you clear on cold days. The internal dropdown sun shield is easy to reach and controlled by a smooth wire lever. It also includes an integrated Bluetooth communicator. The headset is washable and custom. It's also compatible with the Smart HJC communicator sold separately.

If you're looking for DOT-certified snowmobile helmets that have a comfortable fit, look for models with adjustable straps. Helmets can be a bit heavy, so it's important to find one that fits your head well.

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