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Top 12 Best Flip Flops For Boys Features, Reviews, and FAQs

Brandon Forder
  Nov 30, 2022 7:44 AM

Do you need a pair of boys' flip flops? You should get your new little walker a pair of flip flops. From high-quality, supportive options to inexpensive sandals, we have them all. After all, it's once again the kind of weather where you can kick off your shoes and enjoy the sand, sun, and waves with nothing but your flip-flops on. But because the warmer weather means you'll need lots of kid gear for your developing littles (and not-so-littles), we'd like to help you cross one item off your list. We looked for the greatest open, waterproof, easy-on thong sandals to make summer living easier, since who doesn't want easier? You'll need everything from stylish beach suits to long-lasting sunscreens to the best boys flip flops for all fun-in-the-sun activities.

As a side note, open shoes are a must during the warm months; flip flops are perfect for even the tiniest of toes since they allow air to circulate. Sandals that dry fast are a godsend after a day at the beach, lake, or pool, when little feet are bound to smell. Wet shoes cause a lot of problems, including unpleasant odors and complaints that no mother likes to deal with. No way.

Several criteria, such as comfort, durability, how well they remain on your feet, and how adorable they are, should be considered while shopping for the best flip flops for your guys. The very best of what's currently on the market is presented here, for shoppers of all ages, from babies to senior citizens.

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Buying Guide


Your first consideration should be how your kid will be using the sandals. If you only plan on using them in a shared shower facility, you may want to opt for the least expensive pair available. You may want to consider a modified pair with arch support or extra cushion if you're travelling on vacation and need a little more durability or support than your regular shoes provide.


You can find flip-flops in a wide variety of materials, from plastic to cork. An emerging trend in the footwear industry in recent years is the utilization of recycled materials such as tires to produce eco-friendly footwear. It's important to know what to look for if you want an organic or eco-friendly pair of shoes.

As you look for sandals, you may come across the term "lug sole." The majority of the items we've selected have what the industry calls a "traction pattern," which is basically a fancy word for a thick rubber outsole with deep indentations. To be sure, rubber is still a manufactured material despite its natural origins.

The straps' fabric should also be taken into consideration. Straps are typically manufactured from synthetic materials, however this does not rule out other possibilities. Some textiles and fibers are also synthetic, like rubber. The area in between your toes might become irritated by certain materials if they are worn for too long or if your feet get wet.

Sizing Matters

The size charts and customer feedback should be studied thoroughly. The sizes of flip-flops are usually whole numbers. To ensure the best fit and safety for your child, we recommend purchasing the next full size up if your child normally wears a half size. But this is one pair of shoes that doesn't adhere to the "room to grow" principle.

The sole of the sandal should be the right length and width for your kid's foot. Heel and arch support, if present, should be a good fit for your child's foot. Neither their heels nor toes should be sticking out of the soles of their sandals.


Flip-flop-related injuries are less common in older boys because they have a better handle on their motor skills. You might wish to choose a pair with an additional ankle strap if you're shopping for a small boy. A strap, even a thin one, can help keep the flip-flops in place and give new walkers some much-needed stability.


The footbed, the midsole/outsole, and the upper strap material and location are all important components of a quality pair of flip-flops, according to Dr. Nelya Lobkova, a board-certified podiatrist. "A footbed that is ergonomic and has an arch support such as in a Birkenstock makes the flip-flop comfortable and able to be worn for prolonged periods of time."

Dr. Lobkova recommends finding shoes with a cushioned midsole or a platform that gives ample support for walking long distances in any terrain, from concrete to sand.

"Flip-flops with a platform or wedge and adequate cushioning are ideal for long-term use and travel. Try to choose a pair with a little padding and a bit of a lift in the back (a wedge, rather than a flat heel) "she elaborates "When traveling, it's preferable to wear flip-flops with a nonslip outsole (imagine a slippery airport floor; yuck). The flip-flops should be comfortable enough to allow the foot to toe-off without being so loose that they rub against the skin."


Flip-flops with a zero-millimeter heel drop are the worst kind of shoe for your feet, so keep that in mind when you're looking for a pair. Dr. Lobkova says these flip-flops are about as flat as a pancake. The sole offers almost no support, and the heel and ball of the foot have no padding. The greatest flip-flops provide adequate arch and forefoot support and are roomy in the heel and toe boxes.


What style of flip flop or sandals is best for my child?

Consider your child's lifestyle and interests while deciding on a pair of sandals or flip-flops. For extreme conditions, such as rocky or uneven ground, a closed-toe sandal with an insole support and an adjustable velcro strap is ideal. For brief outings to the beach or pool, a pair of slides or flip-flops that don't require any fumbling around is the best option.

How do I know what size flip-flops or sandals to get for my boys?

Always refer to the manufacturer's size chart when buying your kid a new pair of summer shoes. Think about the shoe's design to figure out if you need to size up or down. Sandals with little to no arch support may need to be sized up, while flip-flops benefit from being sized down.

What are the differences between flip-flops and sandals?

Flip-flops are a kind of footwear with a thong that slides between the big toe and second toe. Made from durable materials like plastic or rubber, they can withstand moisture without breaking down. Sandals are more versatile than other types of shoes because they can be designed with either an open toe or straps across the top of the foot. Both are reasonable alternatives in humid climates.


Parents often have a difficult time locating flip-flops that meet both their child's comfort and style needs. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from among these footwear possibilities, each of which provides a different advantage to the wearer's feet, from extremely gripping soles to lightweight materials. If you give your guys a wide variety of unisex styles and colors to choose from, they will feel like they have a say in the matter. These lightweight, breathable sandals and sneakers are built to survive through the hottest summer days.

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