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Best Bombay Mix Of 2022: Completed List

Brandon Forder
  Nov 30, 2022 7:05 AM

Trying to narrow down your options from the plethora of bombay mix on the market is never easy. Not to worry, we're here to assist. Let us know what you think in the comments. Our reviews take into account the product's value for money, popularity, and user experience, as well as customer surveys.

In our list of the best Bombay mixes, Rani Mix Bombay Mix is the one that stands out the most. Keep reading to find out which one is the greatest!

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Why is it called Bombay mix?

The city of Bombay (previously known as Mumbai) in India gave rise to the English name. Ingredients vary according on the region, but typically include fried lentils and peanuts and chickpea flour noodles and maize as well as fried onions and curry leaves.

Also question is, what seeds are in Bombay mix?

Lentils, chickpeas, gram flour noodles, and delectable peanuts are just a few of the robust wholefoods included in our spicy Bombay mix, which also includes a tasty blend of cornstarch, potato starch, natural oils, and traditional Indian spices such as turmeric, chilli, and caraway seeds.

Furthermore, what does Bombay mix taste like?

What Is Bombay Mix's Flavor Profile?

Bombay mix is a delectable concoction, to say the least (and a bit addictive). Spices like coriander, cumin, garlic, and turmeric give it a savory flavor that's reminiscent of Indian cuisine. Chili powder is sometimes sprinkled on top for an extra kick.

Also Know, what is Bombay mix called in India?

To the British and Irish, an Indian snack known as chiwdas, chevdas, bhussos, and chevdas is known as "Bombay mix." In India, however, the snack is known as "Chanchura" in Odisha and "Chanachur" in Bengal. Mumbai, India, is the origin of the English name.


A bombay mix study team uncovered 160 goods and narrowed it down to 21 high-quality bombay mixes. The bombay mix list was compiled using data from 3, 308 customer reviews gathered and processed by our big data engine. Bombay mix, which costs an average of £6, is the most popular choice, according to our research.

There is a bombay mix for sale. Rani Mix, Wholefood Earth, PURIMA, Cofresh, and Hides Fine Foods are some of the best bombay mix companies that we've vetted after conducting extensive study on the subject. An average rating of 4.8 has been provided by 19 customers to the seller of the No. 1 product.

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