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15 Best Bike Hook For Wall We've Tested 2023

Brandon Forder
  Feb 1, 2023 4:47 PM

When not in use, bicycles must be kept safely out of the way. Moreover, we need to find a happy medium between safety and convenience with our bike storage solution.

If we mess up, we'll have to sacrifice our conveniences at home, reduce our riding time, or possibly have our bikes stolen.

The safety of our bicycles is therefore not in question. They must, however, be easily accessible and require minimal effort (for the kids as well). The cleanup and dirtiness of their work should be kept to a minimum. They also shouldn't interfere too much with the various different uses to which our buildings are put.

Maintaining that delicate equilibrium can be challenging. Since this is the case, we need set aside a considerable amount of time to think about our alternatives. The good news is that there are several viable options for bicycle storage in the modern day.

Pedal shelves, pulley systems, hooks, freestanding columns, and floor stands are all available options. The options for stowing bicycles away are practically endless. And have no fear; I'll address them all in this post.

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Inside or outside

It may be preferable to find an outdoor option if you don't want dirty bikes being rolled through the home. Given how prevalent it is for people to break into garages, you might find that a lockable shed is the best option for you. Asgard has some nice outdoor storage shelters that are insurance-approved and reasonably priced. Some of their models have been certified for use by law enforcement and may have storage compartments for accessories and spare parts.

Screw on wall

Indoor storage requires the consideration of whether or not you are willing to make holes in the wall. Use simple bike hooks or something like a Steadyrack to make the most of your wall space if you're handy with power tools. If not, a floor-to-ceiling pole rack that stands on its own could be the answer. On the other hand, there are some multi-functional pieces of furniture that look intelligent but are actually quite bulky.


Depending on the setup, you may either hang your bike from the wall or put it on a special table in the middle of the room. The rest of the family must be on board with your idea, and you'll need to give your bike the thorough cleaning it deserves.


Lockable storage alternatives are available if you're worried about keeping your belongings safe; while typical ground or wall anchors aren't exactly eye-catching, there are some more welcoming options, such as Hiplok's Airlok.

Number of Bikes

Could you tell me how many bicycles you have? We have racks that can hold anywhere from one bike to six. You can always go for the double if you need to save a higher number of rides.


Think about where you would like to keep your bike(s). Is it more practical to wall-mount your wheels or utilize a floor-mounted rack, depending on the available space? In deciding on a wall-mounted rack, think about whether you'd like your bike displayed horizontally, which can be more of a focal point on the wall, or vertically, which may be less appealing but use up less wall space.

Assembly Process

Depending on the model, some of our bike racks require additional hardware for assembly, while others are nearly ready to use out of the box. We've broken out the circumstances in which rack assembly is required versus optional.

Storage Type

There are essentially three categories of bike storage. Space-conscious city dwellers frequently favor vertical bike storage, which involves hanging a hook or shelf on the wall to retain the front wheel. As an alternative, horizontal storage allows you to stack numerous bicycles in a small area. Last but not least, you can keep your bike totally outside of the house in a bike tent that can be set up in a small yard.


Lifting your bike onto the rack or turning it over onto its back wheel may be necessary with some models. These may not seem like much of a hassle when you're out doing errands, but at the end of a long day, even raising your bike might be a pain.


After all, bike storage solutions like racks and hooks can be found in a variety of public spaces, including the foyer and the living room. Don't waste your money on anything ugly, therefore give some thought to the design and construction quality.


Is it OK to store a bike vertically?

Bike storage in a vertical posture is quite acceptable and even recommended if you're short on storage space. It is recommended that, after removing your bike from the rack, you pump the brakes a few times to return the hydraulic fluid system to normal operation.

How do you store a lot of bicycles?

Bike storage is most efficient when the bikes are stacked closely together, as is the case on vertical wall racks or big floor racks. The bikes can be hung from the wall by their front wheels or parked on a rack designed to handle multiple bikes on the floor.

What is the most efficient way to store bicycles?

Using the vertical space above our heads to store bicycles is the most space-efficient option. They keep bikes out of the way and clear up valuable floor and wall space.

Is it OK to hang bikes by their wheels?

Wheels are safe on bike racks, and rims can handle the weight of a loaded bike without any problems. In addition, the rubberized components of most hooks and hanging systems protect your bike from scratches.


It's crucial to strike a balance between safety and convenience when choosing a bike storage solution. The worst possible outcome is that you end up using your bike less often because of the solution you opted for.

Choosing a solution that prevents you from making full use of the area around where you keep your bike is also a failure.

The number of bikes you have, the number of people who use them, how often they are used, the types of spaces you have available, and how safe your neighborhood is from bike theft all factor into finding the best option for you.

Similar to a bike lock, I think it's important to invest a little more than you'd want to make sure you have something of good quality and that won't be terribly annoying to use.

I've done my best to compile the finest solutions; but, if you have any suggestions for alternative methods of stowing bicycles, please share them here.

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