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Top 15 Best Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers In 2022

Brandon Forder
  Nov 30, 2022 6:41 AM

Automatic soap dispensers provide a more sanitary option for hand washing. These dispensers' touchless design keeps you from coming into contact with the germ-filled soap pump.

When it senses a hand passing underneath, a high-quality automatic soap dispenser will consistently dispense soap. It should also be straightforward to maintain, with features that make it quick to restock, charge, and clean. It should also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye when displayed on a kitchen or bathroom counter. Here are some of the best automatic soap dispensers you can buy for hygienic and hassle-free hand cleaning.

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Buying Guide

Wall-Mounted vs. Countertop

Automated soap dispensers can be installed on the wall or placed on a counter. As its name implies, countertop appliances are the most prevalent type utilized at home. Automated soap dispensers resemble traditional pump soap dispensers in appearance but dispense soap automatically rather than manually. Automatic soap dispensers for countertops are readily accessible in a variety of attractive and unobtrusive layouts. Dish or hand soap liquid can be placed inside the device after it has been charged or batteries have been inserted. Then you can start using it right away.

Soap dispensers that attach to the wall are more typical in public restrooms and businesses, although there are other models designed for private usage. These cabinets can be mounted on the wall next to the sink to free up room on the counter. However, installation is necessary.

Material and Design 

These days, automatic soap dispensers are typically composed of plastic or stainless steel. The fragility of glass probably explains why there aren't as many automatic glass soap dispensers as there are manual glass soap dispensers.

Soap dispensers made of plastic are durable, cheap, and easy to transport. They are hardy and unlikely to dent or break, but their aesthetic quality usually falls short of that of more expensive materials like stainless steel or glass. Scratches and stains are some common issues with plastic. The soap level can be easily checked because to the transparent plastic.

Dispensers made of stainless steel are more aesthetically pleasing and can be used with contemporary bathroom and kitchen designs. Due to their resistance to moisture and corrosion, these models are ideal for placement close to the bathroom or kitchen sink. Some models combine steel and plastic to best take advantage of their features.

A dispenser's material and style are matters of taste. Shoppers will want a soap dispenser that complements their decor if they plan to have it out on display. Clog-free tubing to prevent blockages and mess-free valves to prevent dripping are two design characteristics that can make using the dispenser more pleasurable.

Battery Operated vs. Rechargeable

Both battery-operated and rechargeable soap dispensers have their advantages and disadvantages. Battery-operated devices are more inexpensive but require more upkeep than their rechargeable counterparts.


Soap dispensers that distribute soap automatically are often crafted from plastic, stainless steel, or a hybrid of the two. Models made from stainless steel are preferable if you want your investment to last for a long time.

Sensor and Capacity

Simple motion sensors are used in certain automatic soap dispensers, which dispense a set amount of soap when activated. The sensor in a decent dispenser should be able to detect the presence of a hand (usually about 1 to 2 inches away).

A further technological advance seen in certain more advanced dispensers is the addition of sensors that allow for precise regulation of the dispensing volume. With these sensors, the soap volume is automatically adjusted based on how close or far a hand is from the dispenser. Soap dispensing mechanisms are typically adjusted such that less soap is released when the hand is close and more is released when the hand is further away. To change the volume of soap dispensed without using the sensor, simpler models typically have buttons.

How much soap a dispenser can hold is indicated by its capacity. The ounce range of available capacity is from five to twenty. The larger the soap dispenser's capacity, the longer it will last between refills. Look into getting a soap dispenser with a bigger capacity if your household is large and frequently used. Dispensers with lower capacities are sufficient for usage in smaller homes.

Amount of Soap Dispensed

It's important that this is done quickly; a practical blast of soap can be achieved in under two seconds. The size of the nozzle often plays a role in this, with a larger nozzle resulting in more drips after each dispensing and a smaller nozzle being able to more effectively stop the flow. Soap may be used more efficiently and with less waste when an inside valve is used.


These require liquid soap, although not necessarily all liquid soap. Not just any liquid soap will do; foamy soap is required for some, but you can use your go-to liquid soap with the addition of water for others. You can see how much soap is left in the dispenser thanks to a meter or see-through window.


Fortunately, even on a congested kitchen counter, there is still room for these recommendations. However, some are more cumbersome than others, so you may want to think about the size of your sink before making a purchase.

Soap dose control

The greatest automated soap dispensers will allow you to adjust the soap dispensing amount. Automatic soap dispensers that have this function are preferable since they help reduce waste.


It makes sense to invest in soap dispensers that are watertight, as they will always be in contact with water. Check for a waterproof label, read product reviews, or inquire with the salesperson before buying an automatic soap dispenser.

Lather formation

There are two main types of automatic soap dispensers: foam soap dispensers, which add air to liquid soap before dispensing lather, and liquid soap dispensers, which simply dispense the soap without adding air. The advantages of using foam soap dispensers are as follows:

They are more practical than liquid soap dispensers because they generate a more substantial lather for washing hands. This rich foam has the added benefit of slowing down the drying time of your hands. In addition, the frequency with which the lather is diluted lessens the possibility of allergic reactions or irritations.

Ease of refilling

Auto soap dispensers require periodic refilling with fresh liquid soap. When shopping for these units, look for ones with large access panels so that you can quickly and easily replenish the supplies. However, narrow-mouthed automatic soap dispensers not only waste liquid soap but are also a pain to refill.


Are automatic soap dispensers worth it?

Automatic soap dispensers are well worth the investment if you're looking for a convenient and hygienic soap dispensing solution. Their touchless designs make them safe for users of all ages, preventing the spread of infections.

Can I use any soap in an automatic soap dispenser?

Liquid soap is the standard for automatic soap dispensers. Hand sanitizer and lotion are two further examples of thick liquids that many of these dispensers can pour. Not all automated soap dispensers are compatible with foam soap, so you'll need to hunt for one that is.

Are automatic soap dispensers worth it?

A family that values their time together highly would benefit from installing an automatic soap dispenser. They help stop the spread of germs and bacteria and are simple enough for usage by people of all ages. Touchless soap dispensers may be more economical and less wasteful than single-use soap bottles, depending on a number of criteria such as how often you need to replace the dispenser's refills.


It's not always easy to track down the ideal soap dish. There are a lot of things to think about before buying one, but some individuals simply care about the price. If you read this guide's purchasing advice or pick one of the products recommended in the beginning, you will have a much better shopping experience.

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